Unlock and secure our Octopus market with AMPEP

About Us
The AMPEP is a Mauritanian association of the octopus producers and exporters aiming to promote the sustainability of the octopus fishery.
It was created in April 2022 by constituent members of FPMDEC, FNP and SMCP as the regulator.
The AMPEP is open to all Mauritanian Octopus producers and exporters and also is open to Mauritanian clients and customers?
The association is growing and currently has the following membership : CPAA, STARFISH HIMAFRI, INTERPESCA, COSMFRIGO, Ets KHALIFA, FRIAD Producer, DEWLAFISH, Suispamar and Union Martin and Frimosam.

Working with Octopus producers and exporters in Mauritania

Providing informations and feedback on mauritanian Octopus transactions

Developping a Fishery Improment Project- Mauritanian Octopus fishery

Acting to promote sustainibility of Octopus fishery and to limit its environment impacts on species, habitat and ecosystem. Working for certifiying the Octopus fishery through MSC standard

How to be an AMPEP member ?

Simply adress a letter to AMPEP, through this website expressing that you share the goal that is riching and maintaning a sustainability of the Mauritanian octopus fishery Pay an annual contribution of 100,000MRU (equivalent of 2500 Euros) Participate regularly in meetings and activities organised by AMPEP

  • Nouakchott, Mauritania

Coordinator; expert assistant